September 29, 2009

A short message goes a long way…

It all started with a message: “Hello Esther, my name is Mpoya Kiirya Eddy. Please join my Village Kisozi and advice me on my project for Orphans and Vulnerable Children.” At the end of the week, Esther will board the plane to Uganda: to visit Africa for the first time in her life AND to [...]
April 22, 2009

The Power of Play

6 young men line up and start singing. “This is a song about HIV/AIDS”, Mpoya explains. “This group performs at schools, to make the kids aware of HIV/AIDS, education and other subjects.” And they’re good at it. One song later quite a crowd has gathered: students from the adjacent secondary school, to which the boys [...]
April 2, 2009

Sponsor run: we ran for Jinja again!

The same team that ran for Jinja in October 2007 did it again last Sunday! 12 kilometers on the Formula-1 race track and the beach of Zandvoort, the Netherlands.(link in Dutch) So far we’ve collected 550 EURO, and some more funds are still coming in. There are a few projects that Paul wants to spend [...]
March 12, 2009

An early morning in Wakitaka

“Meet me at the mosque,” he says on the phone, while Paul (Bulenzi) and I drive through the lush environment of Jinja. Another beautiful morning in Uganda. Not long after we pass Paul’s house in the outskirts of Jinja, we reach the mosque. A young man comes walking towards us. “Hi, I’m Emma, welcome to [...]
March 6, 2009

Meet2Connect Kampala: Lots of people and lots of energy

35 local community representatives (28 from NABUUR villages), 500 business cards, 1 entertainment group and a welcoming venue made up for a successful Meet2Connect event in Kampala, Uganda on 21 February 2009. “I now have people to turn to directly, when I am facing challenges” “Two heads know more than one” The purpose of the [...]
October 10, 2007

Sponsor run – we made it!!

Preparation AND mental support made last Sunday’s run a success: 10 kilometers in 55 minutes, 20 seconds!! We made a short video of the event: httpv:// In the meantime we’ve gathered nearly 1000 euro. That’s enough for the shipment… and training a few people. Time to discuss priorities with Paul and BEHOD board Pelle and [...]