July 15, 2009

NABUUR at a higher speed

Have you browsed around NABUUR this week yet? Noticed anything extraordinary? No? I thought so…

But an important change took place ‘under-the-hood’: the NABUUR site has been moved to bigger, faster servers!

The occasional visitor probably won’t notice the difference. The regular visitors and Neighbours should experience a better site speed, however.

Ever since the NABUUR Drupal site was launched last year, the speed of the site has been a point of attention. Frans and Kester pulled every trick they knew: PHP-errors, memcache, MySQL queries, 404-handling, Varnish and a dozen other ideas came to the table. And when all of that had been done (and helped quite a bit): let’s move the site to a bigger server.

Last Monday morning the operation took place: the access to the site was closed for 2 hours, it was made sure no postings were lost, the site was moved and then was activated again, without any major interruptions. Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of our tech team, I proudly present:

NABUUR at a higher speed!

For the curious techies: the site is running on 2 new servers now. The first one is a dedicated server for the database. The other dedicated server is the application/http server.

The new server configuration

Type as fast as you can, our site can handle it ;-)